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Do people use internet to find lawyers?

According to Pew Research, the majority of Americans use the internet to seek professional advisors, such as doctors, lawyers or financial experts online. Are you found on the local internet? If someone is searching for a lawyer in your city, such as Birmingham, and types into a search engine “Birmingham lawyers,” are you found in the natural search results? Having your own website may or may not get you found in local internet searches. And savvy web consumers click on the natural search results, not Pay Per Click ads because they know that Google ranks the websites by relevance and importance, for each given search term, at the top of these natural results. Yet page rank (how high your website is on Google) is just the beginning—not the end goal.

If your website is found but not clicked on, your rank does not really matter. And if your site is clicked on do they stay? If the website is not immediately appealing and completely relevant to a legal consumer, there will likely be no conversion—turning this site visitor into a client. Local Lawyers city metro and statewide lawyers directory and profile based websites are easily found in local searches.

Content is king. And context is everything. Local Lawyers niche, local websites have content rich lawyer and law firm profiles. The context of having many lawyer and law firm profiles within a third party, trusted local resource is a formula for “Google love.” Local legal consumers will find these “one stop shops” for easily comparing local lawyers to be the intelligent choice, while allowing you the opportunity to get found as a result of various search results that lead to these websites, where you otherwise might not.

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